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System requirements

1. Windows XP with latest service pack 2. Loaded IE 7.0 or above 3. Loaded JRE 1.6 or above 4. Antivirus Software with latest definition. 5. Internet connectivity 6. Scanner to scan the documents if required 7. Printer and PDF Creator. eProcurement (GePNIC) Page 6 of 6 10. Assistance to Bidders 1. Any queries relating

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Preparation of bids

1. Make folders with the name of the tender number so as to identify the folders easily during the bid document uploading. 2. File and Folder name should not contain any special characters (&, #, etc) or space in between. 3. Download the tender document, NIT, BOQ of the required tender in that folder. 4.

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Tips to bidders

1. Enrollment process in the Tender site. 1. Bidders are required to enroll on the e-Procurement module of the Central Public Procurement Portal (URL: by clicking on the link “Click here to Enroll”. Enrolment on the CPP Portal is free of charge. 2. As part of the enrolment process, the bidders will be required

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